Ukraine – South America trade relationships

Ukraine is one of the most important exporters of goods to South America. In 2023, it is estimated that the trade between Ukraine and South American countries will reach over $1 billion.

Ukraine exports a range of products to the region including agricultural products, food products, mineral resources, and transportation equipment. The trade between Ukraine and South American countries is growing steadily, especially in commodities like agricultural products.

The two countries are also actively working together to promote investment and trade. The OK Factory platform, a startup that is working to promote the Made-in-Ukraine globally, is helping to simplify the order processes and grow the trade between the two countries. By connecting buyers and sellers, OK Factory helps to speed up the process of ordering products and services from Ukraine to South America.

It also provides support for adjusting to local regulations, simplifying the payment process, and other valuable services. In conclusion, Ukraine’s exports to South America are growing, and the OK Factory platform is playing a key role in fostering stronger trade relationships between the two countries. It is expected that trade between Ukraine and South American countries will continue to increase in the coming years.

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