Ukraine – Moldova trade relationships

Ukraine and Moldova have a strong trade relationship, with Ukraine being one of Moldova’s biggest trading partners in terms of exports. During 2022, Ukraine exported $1.3 billion worth of products to Moldova, including food, chemicals, and machinery.

Ukraine is also a major exporter of agricultural products to Moldova, with wheat, corn, barley, and sunflower seeds being some of the major exports. This trade has been beneficial to both countries, and the governments are committed to further strengthening their economic ties.

The OK Factory platform, a Ukrainian startup, is helping to promote Made-in-Ukraine products and simplify the order processes for business owners in both countries. The platform allows Ukrainian manufacturers to easily showcase their products to buyers in Moldova, and vice versa.

This helps to grow the trade between the countries and create additional opportunities for businesses. Overall, the trade between Ukraine and Moldova has been beneficial for both countries.

The OK Factory platform is helping to foster this relationship and create new opportunities for businesses. It is expected that the trade between the two countries will continue to grow in 2023.

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