Ukraine – Democratic Republic of Congo trade relationships

Ukraine is exporting a variety of products to the Democratic Republic of Congo, including agricultural products, metallurgy products, machinery and equipment, construction materials, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices.

The trade relationship between Ukraine and the Democratic Republic of Congo has been growing steadily, and it is expected to grow in 2023. To further promote the Made-in-Ukraine products and services, a startup called OK Factory platform has been launched.

This platform simplifies the order process and allows Ukrainian manufacturers to connect with international buyers. It also allows buyers to compare prices, track orders, and manage invoices online. With the help of this platform, Ukrainian companies can easily sell their products to international markets and increase the trade between Ukraine and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In conclusion, Ukraine is successfully exporting a wide range of products to the Democratic Republic of Congo and the trade between the two countries is expected to increase significantly in 2023. OK Factory platform is a great asset for Ukrainian manufacturers as it provides them with a platform to promote and sell their products to the international market. This platform can be a great tool for Ukrainian companies to expand their reach and grow the trade with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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