Wooden sticks (chanks)


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Wooden sticks (chanks) for smoking give your dishes an exquisite taste and aroma. The smell of apple and cherry fruit trees is universal and is used to prepare various types of meat and fish. In gas grills, bars are used in containers, for charcoal grills – they can be placed directly on the charcoal. The best chefs of grills and barbecues constantly use wooden chanks to prepare their culinary masterpieces.

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Wooden smoking sticks, also known as chanks, are a popular product used to add flavor and aroma to meat and fish when cooking on a grill or barbecue. While these sticks are used worldwide, Ukraine is one of the countries that has gained popularity in producing high-quality wooden chanks.

One of the manufacturers of wooden chanks from Ukraine is Carbonis. They specialize in producing chanks from sustainable hardwood trees such as apple and cherry, which give off a delicious and universal aroma that can be used with a variety of dishes. Carbonis’ chanks are carefully selected and processed to ensure their high-quality and ease of use.

The benefits of using wooden chanks are numerous. One of the main advantages is the exquisite taste and aroma they impart on food. When placed on a grill or barbecue, the sticks slowly release smoke and flavor, infusing the meat or fish with a delicious taste and smell. The type of wood used can also impact the flavor, with apple and cherry wood being particularly popular choices.

Another benefit of wooden chanks is their versatility. They can be used with gas grills or charcoal grills, and can be placed directly on the charcoal or in containers. Wooden chanks are a popular choice for both home cooks and professional chefs, who constantly use them to prepare their culinary masterpieces.

In Ukraine, the production of wooden chanks has become an important part of the country’s culinary industry. With the country’s rich natural resources and commitment to sustainable forestry practices, Ukrainian manufacturers such as Carbonis have been able to produce high-quality chanks that are appreciated both locally and internationally.

One platform that promotes and sells Ukrainian-made products to the world, including wooden chanks, is OK Factory. They connect Ukrainian manufacturers with international customers and specialize in promoting high-quality products made in Ukraine. By partnering with OK Factory, Carbonis is able to expand their reach and share their products with customers around the world.

In conclusion, wooden chanks from Ukraine, particularly those made by Carbonis, are a high-quality and versatile product that adds exquisite taste and aroma to meat and fish when cooking on a grill or barbecue. With Ukraine’s commitment to sustainable forestry practices and the promotion of Ukrainian-made products through platforms such as OK Factory, wooden chanks from Ukraine are becoming increasingly popular both locally and internationally.

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