Standalone screen grain cleaner (scalper) DSC-10

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The DSC-10 Double Screen Grain Cleaner is a highly efficient and versatile machine designed for pre-cleaning various grains. With its bi-axial design and two vibrating screens, it effectively removes both large and small impurities from the grain. The first sieve separates larger impurities, while the bottom screen filters out light impurities. This cleaner is suitable for a wide range of crops and comes with a standard set of sieves and a control panel. For enhanced performance, a dust cyclone and vacuum cleaner can be added to improve air flow and remove small impurities. The DSC-10 is a reliable solution for farmers and grain processing facilities seeking superior pre-cleaning capabilities.

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Introducing the advanced DSC-10 Double Screen Grain Cleaner, a highly efficient bi-axial machine equipped with two vibrating screens for superior pre-cleaning of various grains. This innovative cleaner effectively removes both large and small impurities, ensuring high-quality output.

The DSC-10 operates in two stages. The first sieve, with larger holes, efficiently separates and diverts larger impurities such as straw, spikelets, stones, and soil clods to a separate chute. Simultaneously, the bottom screen, featuring smaller holes, effectively filters out light impurities like dust, chaff, pieces of straw, and smaller grains, channeling them into a separate chute. The heaviest grains, on the other hand, are directed through the large front chute.

This grain cleaner exhibits remarkable efficiency when working with a diverse range of crops, including wheat, corn, oats, flax, barley, rye, millet, sorghum, peas, soybeans, lentils, buckwheat, rape, mustard, sunflower, and even coffee beans.

The standard set of the DSC-10 includes two sieves measuring 50×100 mm, along with supports and a control panel for easy operation and customization.

To further enhance the machine’s performance and longevity, the addition of a dust cyclone and vacuum cleaner is highly recommended. This feature creates a calibrated airflow, effectively filtering out a significant percentage of small impurities before the unfiltered mass reaches the screens. This results in improved productivity and extends the lifespan of the machine.

The DSC-10 Double Screen Grain Cleaner is a reliable and versatile solution for farmers and grain processing facilities, offering exceptional pre-cleaning capabilities and optimal efficiency for various grain types.

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Standalone screen grain cleaner (scalper) DSC-10
Standalone screen grain cleaner (scalper) DSC-10

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