Rotary drum grain cleaner RBS

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The RBS Grain Cleaner is an efficient machine designed to separate grain from impurities. It uses a combination of air pressure, sieves, and a rotating drum to effectively remove dust and light impurities from the grain. With its precise separation process, this grain cleaner ensures high-quality output by retaining the main crop seeds and removing larger impurities. It is a reliable solution for achieving cleaner and more refined grain for various agricultural applications.

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The RBS Grain Separator is capable of handling a wide range of crops. By adjusting the set of sieves and aspiration settings, it can efficiently process any crop. The performance of the machine varies depending on the specific crop, with the rated performance indicated for wheat with a specific weight of 760 kg/m3.

The aspirator plays a crucial role in the grain separator. It removes light impurities and dust from the grain before it reaches the drum, improving the overall quality of the output. By reducing small impurities in the grain, it allows for a reduction in the number of sieves and their replacement with bushings, thereby increasing the machine’s productivity. Additionally, certain impurities, like husks, can only be separated through the use of an air flow.

The delivery kit of the RBS Grain Cleaning Machine includes the drum separator, aspirator, Control Panel, a set of sieves, and the aspiration system consisting of a fan and a cyclone with a gateway gate.

Reliability is a key feature of the RBS Grain Separator. It is built with a sturdy chassis made of steel panels coated with powder enamel. However, the main advantage lies in its direct drive drum. This type of drive reduces noise and vibration during operation and eliminates torque loss. In case of overload, the separator with direct drive displays an error, while traditional systems would require a belt replacement. The durability and efficiency of the RBS Grain Separator ensure optimal performance and hassle-free operation.

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