One way wooden pallet


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Dimensions 120 × 80 × 15 cm
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The one way wooden pallet made in Ukraine is a sturdy and reliable product designed for one-time use. It is made from high-quality wood and is ideal for transporting goods and materials safely and securely. The pallet is easy to handle and can be used for a variety of applications, including shipping, storage, and distribution. Its simple design makes it an affordable and practical solution for businesses looking to move their products efficiently and cost-effectively. With its durable construction and excellent load-bearing capacity, the one way wooden pallet is an excellent choice for businesses looking for a reliable and efficient way to transport their goods.

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Disposable pallets are by definition one-way packaging.

One-way pallets may have different specifications and dimensions, use less wood, and therefore have a lower price.

They are a cost-effective alternative to Euro pallets and can be adapted to the customer’s transport or a specific load.

Exporters widely use these carriers in various industries, manufacturing plants, and warehouses.

Length: 1200mm

Width: 800mm

Height: 138mm

Load capacity: 1500kg

Wooden pallets are essential for the transportation and storage of goods. They come in various types and sizes, and one such type is the one-way wooden pallet. As the name suggests, these pallets are designed for one-time use only and are not meant to be reused or recycled.

One way wooden pallets are a popular choice in the logistics industry as they are cost-effective, efficient, and easy to handle. These pallets are made from softwood and have a simple design, with no added features such as blocks or stringers. This makes them lighter in weight, which is advantageous when it comes to transportation costs.

In Ukraine, there are many companies that produce one-way wooden pallets, meeting both domestic and international demand. These pallets are commonly used for the transportation of various goods, including agricultural products, food and beverages, and industrial equipment.

One way wooden pallets have certain advantages over other types of pallets, such as their affordability, low weight, and ease of disposal. However, they are not suitable for long-term use or for heavier loads, as they are not as durable as other pallet types.

At OK Factory, we make it easy for customers to order one way wooden pallets from Ukraine. Our online marketplace connects buyers with reliable suppliers, ensuring the best quality and timely delivery of products. With just a few clicks, customers can browse and select the type and quantity of pallets they need, and place an order hassle-free.

In conclusion, one way wooden pallets are an efficient and cost-effective solution for the transportation and storage of goods. Ukraine is a major producer of these pallets, with a thriving industry that caters to both domestic and international markets. With the help of OK Factory, customers can easily access these products and enjoy the benefits of a streamlined ordering process.

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